Deal Alert Reloaded: LG G2 Drops to $450 Outright, Free with Verizon Pacts Through Nov 11

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LG-G2Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get better and cheaper for LG G2 cravers, bam, the splendid 5.2-incher has been dropped to $450 off-contract via Verizon. And bam, it’s also a measly $49.99 with pacts if you insist on taking your business directly to the carrier.

Best of all, if you’re not shy about dealing with third-party retailers, Logic Buy extends a helping hand by slashing the phone’s on-contract price to… $0. That’s right, no charge whatsoever and, technically, you still purchase the G2 from Verizon after clicking the “get deal” button on Logic Buy.

Mind you, the special promo freeing you of upfront payments with 24-month carrier agreements is, just like Amazon’s from a while back, time-limited and set to expire in three short days. That is, next Monday the offer should still be there and then Tuesday, poof, it’ll be gone.

As for folks keen on having no strings attached, there’s no reason to believe the $450 price tag outright has an expiration date. Yet to be safe, you might want to get it done with ASAP and ensure you won’t be left crying come Christmas. FYI, Santa Claus is here early this year and it’d be a terrible shame to slam your door in his face.

Via [Verizon] and [Logic Buy]

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