Feel Your Movies and Games with a Woojer Wearable Woofer

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Woojer LogoMichael Bay and his [easyazon-link asin=”B000VR0570″ locale=”us”]Transformers[/easyazon-link] movies are well-known for big explosions and terrible everything-else. No matter how often media or stand-up comics poke fun at these facts, you can’t ignore how much money the guy has raked in at the box office.

I may not be a movie critic, but the one thing I do know is even the worst movies are better when one is immersed in the experience. That same concept of transporting a person to enhance an experience is behind the design of the Woojer.

The Woojer is a compact, silent, wearable woofer that lets users feel sound. Approximately the size of a matchbox, Woojer adds depth to games, movies and music wherever a user goes.

Woojer redEven though technology has been allowing us more freedom of movement, we’ve unknowingly sacrificed some elements of experience.

I can play a first person shooter game in the dark on a mobile device or a desktop PC. The difference? My PC has a 5.1 speaker system to envelop me with detailed audio.

Woojer works by vibrating to provide physical sensations similar to being right next to a woofer. Headphones and earbuds can’t deliver that same feeling, no matter how far we crank it. Woojer works with any audio source, so you can enhance your listening experience practically anywhere.

Playing [easyazon-link asin=”B002I098JE” locale=”us”]Call of Duty[/easyazon-link]? How about feeling those explosions rock your body as you hear and see them. Listening to orchestrated music? Why not experience it almost as if you were there, live. Watching a movie? Strap on the Woojer and re-live the sensations you felt when you first watched [easyazon-link asin=”B00B4804KS” locale=”us”]Jurassic Park[/easyazon-link] in the theater.

Too young and missed Jurassic Park when it was in the theater? The Woojer can let you feel what you were born too late for.

Check out the Woojer Kickstarter page for more details, including a video. It may be small and compact, but it certainly seems it can add big depth to your entertainment.

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