Pelican Shields Galaxy S4 With the ProGear Protector Case

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Pelican LogoPelican, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality protective cases, has announced the availability of its latest case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The CE1250 Pelican ProGear Protector case features smartphone protection that allows full access of the screen and buttons.

Now I’m very familiar with Pelican products, having used waterproof cases in the past. Those can get dunked and everything inside will stay dry. Pelican brings that same quality (except the waterproof) to its design of the CE1250 case for the Galaxy S4.

Pelican ProGear CE1250 blackThe two-layered case is meant to protect against impact. The inside rubber layer cushions and absorbs shock that would otherwise affect the smartphone. The outside layer is a high-grade polymer that also covers all sides of the device.

That is one key aspect of the design. All too often, cases can have minimal protection around the screen edge where a high enough drop will still send enough force through. The CE1250 Pelican ProGear case looks to have a high bezel around the S4 screen edges.

The case uses snap-together construction, making it easy to put on or take off. But most importantly, the outer shell is smooth so you can slide your smartphone in bags or pockets without it catching on cloth. There’s nothing worse than wrestling a sizeable Galaxy S4 from your pocket (and losing).

The CE1250 Pelican ProGear Protector is available now in choice of black, blue, gray-orange, purple, and white. Sometime in December, Pelican will feature the Pelican ProGear Vault, which adds full-seal protection against dust, sand, snow, and occasional water.

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