FAVI Boomerang Makes Mini Home Theaters for Mobile Devices

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Favi Entertainment LogoTablets and smartphones are great media consumption devices. You can practically watch or listen to whatever you want wherever you want. But things can get complicated if you’re ready to binge.

Aside from collecting your snacks and pillows, and shutting the drapes or door, you’re probably going to want to prop up your device. Oh, and a decent set of speakers would come in handy too, just because you deserve it. Too much to carry all at once? I agree.

FAVI Entertainment has announced a simple yet effective solution for this new breed of “mini home theater.” The company says its FAVI Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock holds tablets and smartphones at the proper viewing angle, while providing stereo sound for music and movies. The FAVI Boomerang seems to answer the question: Why have two accessories for this application when you can combine them into one?

boomerang iphone image 4Think of the FAVI Boomerang like a set of headphones for your tablet, but with a built-in stand. The design of this speaker dock accommodates a wide variety of device sizes, making it compatible with practically everything out there.

The FAVI Boomerang features both Bluetooth and NFC, making wireless pairing a cinch. Even though it has a compact size, you can get up to 10 hours of playtime before having to recharge its built-in battery.

Let’s go to the video:

The FAVI Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock will be available in choice of black, red, purple, pink, yellow, and white sometime in mid-December. It comes in two sizes: one for tablets and one for smartphones.

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  • Allen Rosen

    Thats an amazing idea !!!!
    does anyone knows if they sell that boomerang on ebay?