Amazon France Outs Touch-Enabled Acer Chromebook, Pricing to Start at $300?

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acer-c720-touchAs one of Google’s early Chromebook partners, Acer is quite serious about the nichey Chrome OS-based computing machines, especially as they seem to be making their way towards the mainstream sector of the PC market.

Hence, it shouldn’t come as a shocker the Taiwanese are rolling out Chromebook after Chromebook, with a couple of C720 models released in the past couple of months and at least another landing by the end of the year.

While looking exactly the same as its two “cousins” on the outside, the yet to be named future mini-laptop will come with a duo of major upgrades in tow. On the one hand, the 11.6-inch 1,366 x 768 pix res display will be a touch-enabled unit, and on the other, the built-in storage will be doubled, from 16 to 32 gigs.

However, this won’t be a full-on upgrade over both existing C720 Chromebooks, packing 2 GB RAM, so the same as the $200 2848, but half of the memory on the $250 2800. As such, the price tag should ever so slightly surge, possibly to $300.

The theory is supported by Amazon France, which listed the touchscreen Acer Chromebook for a short while at €299, ultimately leaving the notebook live as “unavailable” and with no pricing details. Bring it on, Acer, we’re more than ready.

Via [Liliputing]

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