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Google is making it more interesting for those of us with multiple Google sign-ins. I manage a couple of sites for clients, which means I need multiple log ins to check analytics on the sites. Frankly, it’s a pain to do it from my computer and log out and log in to check each site. I was delighted recently to stumble across the Google Analytics app.

google analytics app

Odd though it may sound, I find it to be faster and easier than checking on the web. When you open the app, it remembers the last account you viewed, and it opens to the analytics for that page. Want to change accounts? No problem. Tap Sign Out in the top right corner, and you’ll be taken to the screen to Choose an Account. Create a new account or add an existing one, and you’ll be taken to the overview page for the site.

Change or Add Account screen

As far as I can tell, you have access to all the same reports as when you access Analytics on the web. Navigation between the various reports is quick and easy. I’ve not yet had the app crash or freeze.

As a site editor, I’ve found myself more likely to check stats than before I found the app. For example, last week, one of my contributors was saying she didn’t think her stories were getting much attention. I was able to pull up a quick report and give her some information back in email. Because my Gmail account isn’t the one I use to access Analytics for that site, it would have been more hassle to do it on the computer. I would have needed to log out of Gmail, log in to the right account, look up the info, take some notes and then log out and log back into my Gmail. With the app, it was much simpler.

If you only need to check analytics for one site or one Google account, the app might not save you much time. But if you need to log in to multiple Google account to check stats, this app will save you lots of time and hassle.

The app is free on Google Play and $5.99 in the iTunes app store. I’ve only used the Android version, so I can’t speak to the features of the iOS app.

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