Samsung Ordered to Pay Apple $290 Million in Patent Case

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A verdict has been reached in the Samsung vs. Apple patent case. A jury has ordered that Samsung must pay Apple $290 million for infringement on several of its patents in multiple Samsung smartphones and tablets. The verdict was reached on the third day of deliberation by an eight-person jury. Apple was demanding $380 million for the infringement, so I guess Samsung at least got a little lucky.

This is the second victory for Apple in the patent fight. Last year, a jury in San Jose ruled Samsung should pay a little over $1 billion for infringing on five Apple patents. However, the judge ordered a new trial after finding the jury had used “impermissible legal theory” in the decision.

This verdict was a part of the new trial.

Thursday’s verdict is the result of that new trial.

Apple made its cause that Samsung’s patent infringements cost the company hundres of thousands of iPhone sales and Samsung maintained that people purhcased Samsung phones for other reasons, besides those patented aspects.

But the ruling shows that the jury sided with Apple’s claims.

What do you think of the ruling?

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