Pre-Black Friday Deal Overload: Amazon, Best Buy and eBay All Charge $200 for 2013 Nexus 7

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Nexus-7-2013While I realize it’s practically impossible to make tech-savvy folks commit to a purchase with so little time left to the Black Friday promotion kick-off, if you’re in the market for a budget-conscious smaller than 10-inch tablet, it’d be mighty foolish to wait.

The Google and Asus co-branded 2013 Nexus 7, unanimously hailed as the number one iPad mini contender in the above mentioned niche, costs just $200 nowadays via three high-profile online retailers. There’s Amazon, Best Buy and eBay, with each of them throwing in free shipping.

And no, there aren’t any strings attached. The slate is brand new, not refurbished or anything, comes with standard one-year manufacturer warranty and can reach your doorsteps as early as next Monday.

Running Android 4.4 KitKat starting a few days ago, the N7 2013 can still be scored for 230 bucks through Google’s Play Store and is unlikely to go below the $200 mark by the end of the year. No matter what kind of incredible savings everyone’s teasing and vouching for.

Not that sellers wouldn’t want to discount it even further. The thing is we’ve reached the absolute minimum off which Big G, Asus and the two’s retail partners can draw the tiniest of profits. I mean, come on, you get 16 GB of built-in storage here, a top-notch 1,920 x 1,200 pix res panel, quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and 2 GB RAM.

Meanwhile, if you need extra wiggle room, the 32 GB-er goes for an unbelievably low price as well: $239.99 on Amazon and Best Buy. Now, throw caution aside, forget about patience and get cracking shopping.

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