Nokia Lumia 1520 Now Available in AT&T Stores, Backordered via Microsoft

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Nokia-Lumia-1520Has Nokia finally managed to hit it out of the park with a high-end Lumia gadget? It sure looks like it, as the AT&T-exclusive Lumia 1520 has technically started selling earlier today, being however backordered at least via Microsoft’s online store.

The 6-incher in black, white and red, both with and without contracts, is listed as up for grabs on pre-orders through the official website of the soon-to-be parent company of Nokia, with a vague “ships when available” text escorting it.

Meanwhile, AT&T appears to have plenty of inventory to handle demand, as the phone in red and black is said to be “due today”. Only numerous customers of the network claim to have received alerts over the past 24 hours saying their orders are “delayed in shipping… because of overwhelming demand”.

So which one is it after all? It probably very much depends on your luck. Or, if you’d rather not rely on fate, you can always visit one of Ma Bell’s brick and mortar locations, with stocks bound to be fairly generous throughout the country.

Remember, Microsoft currently charges $199 with AT&T pacts and some freebies included ($50 app card, flip cover and a copy of Free Halo Spartan Assault), and the second largest carrier stateside asks half of that, throwing in no deal sweeteners in the mix. Outright, the Nokia Lumia 1520 is actually cheaper via Microsoft, $549, going for 35 bucks extra through AT&T.

Via [WP Central]

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