Few Things are as Awesome as Google’s Doctor Who Doodle

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I watch Doctor Who here and there but I am far from a die-hard fan. Sure, I want the awesome scarf and I love the accents but that’s not enough. However, Google’s Doctor Who doodle might have just put me over the fandom edge because I cannot stop playing.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 12.19.24 PM

As you’ll notice today on the Google home page, there’s definitely something new. There’s adorable little doodles of all the major Doctor Who characters, and if I were a man or a woman who wore ties I would want a tie full of these doodles. They’re amazing. As part of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary, Google has created an interactive doodle featuring all 11 doctors. But calling it interactive is an understatement. It’s an 8-bit multilevel platform game, and it is AMAZING.

Apparently, Google put British man, Matthew Cruickshank in charge. He explained to the Guardian: “They thought ‘Oh, Matt is English, so he should do the doodle.’ It was a bit of pressure!”

Did anyone else read that in a British accent?

Well not to worry, Cruickshank, you truly did an amazing job.

The amazing thing about the [easyazon-link asin=”B00FAVRHBE” locale=”us”]Doctor Who[/easyazon-link] Google doodle is how all-encompassing it is! It features the Tardis, Daleks, Cybermen, but the best part is that different levels pertain to different eras of the show.

And of course, the mission is genius: you must rescue the six letters of Google’s name. So far, I’m successfully gotten G!

So, enjoy your Friday and get to Googling!

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  • Juli Monroe

    How did I miss this? I thought I’d been on a Google Search page today, but apparently not. Allons-y!

    • Hannah Abrams

      It’s not on the USA Google page! It’s on basically every other one, though.