CES 2014 Rumor Roundup [UPDATED DAILY]

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ces-logoWe’ll update this section each day with the latest CES 2014 rumors. As with all rumors, take these with a grain of salt. Heard something? Say something! Let us know about the rumors you’ve heard at jpaone at and if they check out we’ll publish your social media account or blog as a source!


Nice roundup of LG CES rumors. (AndroidPIT)

MarketWatch reports that Google and Apple will jointly develop in-car systems, but quickly pulls story down. (MarketWatch)

LG to unveil webOS-powered TV? (The Wall Street Journal)

Google and Audi to team up at CES for Android in cars in 2014? (Phandroid)

New 64-bit Exynos 6 and Exynos S octa-core chips from Samsung might be unveiled at CES, said to be at least 1.43x faster than Snapdragon 800. (Android Authority, International Business Times, SlashGear)

Android and Windows 8.1 to combine as “PC Plus” devices at CES? (WinBeta)

A terrific roundup of CES rumors from frequent Technology Tell contributor Adrian Diaconescu. (The Droid Guy)


LG G3 smartphone specs leaked ahead of CES? (Android Community)

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro specs and features detailed. (Android Authority)


Asus ad hints at dual-booting Windows and Android tablet for CES. (iTechPost)


Was earlier speculation about the LG G2 mini‘s specs incorrect? (techshout)

More speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S5. (International Business Times)

Will the HTC M8 run Android 4.4.2 with Sense 6? (Ubergizmo)

Lots of Android-related speculation here. (Android Authority)

Will Martian introduce a new smartwatch? (Android Headlines)

Will the Samsung Galaxy Band succeed the Galaxy Gear smartwatch at CES? (Ubergizmo)

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro outed in leaked photo. (Android Community)

Latest rumors on Google Nexus 10 2 will not be introduced at CES. (International Business Times)

Will T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 4.0 announcement be that it’ll help users switch to its service by paying their contracts’ early termination fees? (GeekWire)

Is Google planning to make a car-connectivity announcement at CES? (Android Headlines)


More details, including names, about Samsung’s upcoming tablets have leaked. They might debut at CES. (GadgetellTrusted Reviews)

Nokia‘s first Dual-SIM Lumia smartphone to debut? (Gadgetell)


Will Asus introduce a new tablet called the VivoTab Note 8? (Tablet PC Review)

10.5-inch tablet from Samsung to debut? (CNETAndroid Headlines)

Will Sony unveil a virtual reality headset at CES? (HNGN)


A single South African source claims that LG will show a 105-inch curved LED (not OLED) Ultra HD TV at CES. It quotes a press release that we haven’t been able to find, so be extra-wary of this one until it’s confirmed by another source. (mybroadband)


Specs on one of Asus’ “incredible” tablets to be announced at CES may have leaked. (Softpedia)


Nikon to introduce AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G full frame lens? (New Camera, Camyx)

Sony Xperia E2 launch? (The Droid Guy) How about Xperia Z1 mini? (intomobile)

Two new Canon PowerShot cameras to be unveiled at CES? (Canon Rumors)

Will news of a renewed (and huge) Microsoft-Samsung Windows phone deal break at CES? (intomobile)


Will LG unveil a 5.5-inch smartphone called the LG GX? (Ubergizmo)


What self-proclaimed “incredible” thing will Asus introduce at its CES press conference? Let the speculation begin. (Android Headlines)

Rumors that Samsung will introduce budget tablets under the name of Galaxy Tab 3 “Lite” at CES. (GottaBeMobile, T3)

12/10/13 Will the Nokia Lumia 2020 tablet debut at CES, or is this an “illusion”? Additional info has emerged. (Ubergizmo)

LG to introduce G2 mini smartphone at CES? (Android Beat)


Will Samsung’s Galaxy J smartphone appear at CES? (Digital Trends)

Sony is betting heavily on Ultra HD/4K TV announcements at CES to restore its luster as an “aspirational brand.” (AllThingsD)

Details about Beats Music, a possible competitor to Spotify, might be unveiled at CES. (DroidLifeEntertainmentTell)

The Razer Kazuyo iPhone gamepad might make its debut at CES. (Digital Trends, The Verge)

Will Google debut an Android set-top box at CES? (ITProPortal, PCMag)


Lumus is expected to introduce the DK-40 development kit, a Google Glass competitor with “true augmented reality.” (slashgear)

Omnipresent media mogul Ryan Seacrest is expected to hit CES with a startup he co-founded called Typo Keyboards, which will focus on bringing a physical keyboard for the [easyazon-link asin=”B0097CZJEO” locale=”us”]iPhone 5[/easyazon-link] and [easyazon-link asin=”B00F3J4E5U” locale=”us”]iPhone 5s[/easyazon-link] to market. (AllThingsDtech2)


What’s Mr. McMahon of WWE going to announce at CES? (GadgetellPWInsider)


The upcoming HTC M8 smartphone might not make it to CES. (techshout)

Will Samsung‘s announcement of the Galaxy S5 be joined by four other product announcements at CES? (ubergizmo)

More Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors. (androidgeeks)


Toshiba to enter Chromebook market at CES? (Gadgetell)

Several new Asus tablets will be shown? (Gizbot, ubergizmo)

Add LG to that “flexible” OLED TV list at CES? (techradar)


Samsung might show a “flexible” OLED TV at CES. (ubergizmo)

Report says that Qualcomm, Nvidia and Broadcom will announce their 64-bit processors at CES, joining existing offerings from Apple and Samsung. (International Business Times)


Rumors about a new weather-sealed camera from Fuji that could debut at CES. (Fuji Rumors)

Speculation is that Sony could introduce its Xperia Z1S smartphone at CES. But will it be larger or smaller than the existing Xperia Z1? (mobot)

A boatload of speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. (Design&Trend, Phandroid)


Some speculation about the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 phablet, which may debut at CES. (KpopStarz)

Will HTC introduce its 2014 flagship device, the M8 smartphone, at CES? Maybe. (Technology Telltechshout)

Here’s a gaggle of new rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, which may debut at CES. (Northern Voices Online, Associated News)

Sony and Hasselblad might make a joint announcement at CES about a camera sensor that will provide every pixel with a different shutter time. (Ubergizmo, SonyAlpha Rumors)


Chinese manufacturer ZTE might announce a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch competitor at CES. (Fierce Wireless, Engadget)

Word has it that Qualcomm will introduce a new graphics processing chip for mobile devices at CES. Rumors say the new Adreno 400 graphics processor will replace the current Adreno 330 GPU as part of the new version of the Snapdragon processor slated for release early next year. (via Android Community, fudzilla)

Nokia might introduce a new eight-inch tablet at CES. The rumored Lumia 2020 is said to run Windows 8.1 RT. (intomobile, slashgear)

Amid rampant speculation that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S5 smartphone at CES comes the possibility that it will be encased in aluminum rather than plastic. A French website claims to have possible photographic evidence of such. (NWE (in French), The News Tribe)

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  • Robert Zohn

    The BDA will announce the spec’s for native 3840 x 2160p Ultra HD on triple layer 100gb discs.