Which Wearable Tech Devices Should be on Your Holiday Wish List?

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Okay, so we all know the obvious aspects of the holiday season: traveling, cheerful songs, holiday gift-giving, classic movies, and maybe even a little mistletoe (I’m talking to you, Leonardo DiCaprio). But the holidays also bring with it times of mindless eating and colder temperatures making it difficult to hit the pavement for that three mile run. It’s not our fault that Aunt Melanie nitpicks every little thing, and stress-eating sugar cookies is the only thing that takes the edge off! Or is that just me? So, instead of my usual holiday wish list of books I don’t have time to read and room decor I’ll never hang up, I have decided to focus my wish list on wearable technology. It’s useful, very trendy and it will get me one step closer to my New Years resolutions.

So join me in getting a head start on those resolutions and check out my guide to wearable tech. There’s something here for everyone!

1) Shine by Misfit ($119.95):


The Shine by Misfit is one my favorite wearable tech devices, and no its not just because it does a pretty light show every time I log a new activity. It’s very easy-to-use and it requires no tracking or charging due to the small battery. It’s uses a high precision 3-axis accelerometer to measure activity based on horizontal and vertical movements. Did I mention that it’s pretty? And it’s not as intense as other devices making it an ideal device for the new user aka me.

2) [easyazon-link asin=”B00A17IAO0″ locale=”us”]UP by Jawbone[/easyazon-link] ($129.99):


The Up by Jawbone is in that classic wearable tech category, which of course seems like a paradox considering wearable tech is too new to have anything “classic.” But when I think wearable tech, I think Jawbone. The Up is a little more intense than the Shine and it’s good for logging meals which you can do via photo upload, manual entry or barcode scanning. It’s better for people who want to go a little more in depth with their activity tracking. And it looks like a bracelet.

3) Google Glass:



Well, it’s not available yet for consumers but we’re always looking to the future over here at Technology Tell.

4) [easyazon-link asin=”B00EULMBZC” locale=”us”]Pebble[/easyazon-link] ($149.99):


The Pebble is pretty famous. And for good reason. It was the highest funded project EVER on Kickstarter, so you know it’s good. Pebble is an all-around awesome smart watch. All incoming smartphone communications flow to the pebble making it ideal for users who want to stay connected without having their phones glued to their palms.

5) [easyazon-link asin=”B00GGU0788″ locale=”us”]Nike+ FuelBand SE[/easyazon-link] ($149):


I love the aesthetics of the Nike+ Fuelband SE. It was released in October so it’s pretty recent. And, even though it’s similar to its predecessor in that it sill tracks activity, it also now has sessions and hours for more activity options. However, it is not yet available for Android.

6) [easyazon-link asin=”B00FH9I0FQ” locale=”us”]Samsung Galaxy Gear[/easyazon-link] ($299):


The Samsung Galaxy Gear was introduced in September. It’s definitely a little more expensive than the other wearable tech devices on this list, but that’s because it’s an all-encompassing smart watch. It’s supported by Samsung phones and it definitely has a great display with a user-friendly interface.

7) [easyazon-link asin=”B00CW7KK9K” locale=”us”]Withings Pulse Activity Tracker[/easyazon-link] ($99.95):


Also released in September, the Withings Pulse Activity Tracker functions like a pedometer in that it tracks steps. It also features heart rate monitoring and sleep pattern tracking.

8) [easyazon-link asin=”B006NZH0TU” locale=”us”]Wahoo Blue HR Heart Rate Strap[/easyazon-link] ($69.99):


The Wahoo Blue HR Heart Rate Strap functions a little different from the other wearable tech devices on this list in that it straps around your chest to monitor heart rate. So it’s a little, well, bigger than the other devices. However, it’s still an effective health monitor and it syncs to your iPhone.

9) Larklife ($149.99):


Larklife has a similar look to the Up and it’s a device you wear all day and all night, basically. There’s a plastic band for daytime wear and a soft strap for the nighttime. It monitors how much you sleep, when you eat, walk and run.

10) FiLIP Smartwatch ($199.99):


This is for all those nervous parents out there. Mine included! However, I’m a little too old to sport this device. The FiLIP is basically a kids smartwatch that acts as a GPS navigation device so you can locate your children if need be. It can also be programmed with five contacts so that your child can call if there’s an emergency, etc. It is iOS and Android compatible.

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