The Motorola Moto G Gets An Early US Release

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Well lucky us! Motorola must want us to get a jumpstart on our holiday shopping because the Moto G went on sale in the United States on Tuesday. It is available only in the GSM variant and unlocked on for $179 without a contract.


Originally, Motorola had said the Moto G would not be released in the US until January. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside spoke to CNET about the early release. Apparently, there was a lot of early demand for the phone overseas, so the company amped up their manufacturing process and were able to get it up on the web faster than anticipated. The benefits are obvious, seeing as Black Friday is in a couple days and shoppers are all looking for that awesome tech gift.

Part of the plan is still in play, however. Motorola’s carrier and retail partners will still launch the Moto G in January.

Woodside said to CNET:

“We were always gearing up for a big first quarter, but we think we’ll have success this quarter as well.”

The Moto G is a cheaper alternative to the [easyazon-link asin=”B00EP2BYHW” locale=”us”]Moto X[/easyazon-link] but the Moto G could sell better because of its array of international partners. Plus, that’s one attractive price tag.

So what’s next for Motorola?

According to CNET:

As for the future of the Moto X franchise, he said the next step in customization will be the color, finish, and material of the phones. Ultimately, he would like to offer consumers the ability to choose their own screen size, processor speed, and memory, but he said there are a lot of complications and a lack of standards to make it all work. The company is only beginning to create those standards now.

We covered the new developments on Motorola’s Project Ara, but that still seems a ways off.

So, will you be checking out the Moto G?

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