GadgeTell Review: M-Edge Incline Case for the Google Nexus 7

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I went on the hunt last weekend for a new case for my Nexus 7. Although generally I prefer cases that don’t cover the bezel, I find that the tiny rim on the first generation Nexus 7 presses into my thumb and is uncomfortable for long reading sessions. So time to find a new case, and the [easyazon-link asin=”B00ATX05LM” locale=”us”]M-Edge Incline Case for the Google Nexus 7[/easyazon-link] is just about perfect.

First let me say that I am no alone in preferring cases that don’t cover the bezel. My options were limited. Best Buy didn’t have anything I liked, and a search on Amazon didn’t reveal much either. I finally stopped in Staples, and found this case.

M-Edge Incline Case for the Google Nexus 7

By covering only the right bezel, it’s a nice compromise. Most of the device is uncovered, but I’ve got leather under my thumb where I need it. The sleep/wake magnet is pretty good. It doesn’t wake the tablet up every time, but it works most of the time, unlike other bezel-covering cases I’ve tried and reviewed.

It is a bit bulky, so if you’re looking for a slim case, this isn’t it. It’s actually thicker than my MoKo case, which is saying something.

There are plenty of landscape viewing angles, and I’ve not had a problem getting it propped for anything I’ve needed. It’s not real leather, but the fake leather feels good in the hand, and it’s got enough texture to feel secure and like it won’t slip.

Fortunately, I tried the case before I read the Amazon reviews. Most of the reviews have two complaints.

1. The sleep/wake doesn’t work. As I’ve said, that’s not been my experience.

2. The power button and volume switches are unusable. Again, I haven’t had a problem. Yes, it would be nice if Google had put them on the side instead of angled to the back, but I’ve found them to be accessible.

I suspect some people are having sleep/wake problems because they are putting the tablet in upside down to facilitate access to the power switch. I could see where that might cause problems. I have it in the “proper” way, and it’s been fine so far.

I’m using the case with a first generation Nexus 7. Will it work for the 2013 version? I’m not sure, but I think it might. Several reviewers on Amazon indicated they were using it for a second generation device. My version fits tightly, so I suspect the new version will do just fine and will be a bit easier to get in and out. Mine’s pretty much in there for the duration. If you’re using it for a second generation, please let us know.

Conclusion? I like it. It’s attractive (well, in black it is–the other option is, in my opinion, a hideous purple), and comfortable to hold. Incline angles are comfortable. It’s a sturdy case that should last the rest of the lifetime of my current Nexus 7. And just might still be around for my next one.

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