Apple iPhone 5s and 5c Ready to Drop to $0 Upfront with T-Mobile This Black Friday

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iphone_5s_iphone_5c_I know things must be getting pretty hectic for all you bargain hunters out there, since you’re bombarded from left and right with early Black Friday savings and precociously leaked on-time promos, but I promise this here is the last deal I’ll tackle today. Scout’s honor.

The ironic thing is this may also be the most alluring of all. It’s definitely for the two best-selling smartphones in the world nowadays, so I can’t see other BF deals getting much better. Ready?

According to a legit-looking unofficial T-Mobile internal document revealed by the folks over at TmoNews, the nation’s leading “UnCarrier” will ask nothing for Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c upfront between Friday November 29 and Monday December 2.

Nothing, did you catch that? Nada. Zilch. Niente. True, in the long run you may need to cough up big bucks (that part of the special offer is still up in the air), yet I for one know at least half a dozen folks whose wettest dream is to be able to score one of the spanking new iPhones sans having to fork out any money at first. And hey, I don’t have that many friends.

As things stand, the 16 GB iPhone 5s costs an initial $149.99 with additional 24 monthly payments of $20.83 each, whereas the entry-level iPhone 5c is $49.99 plus $20.83 a month. I’m no math whiz, but technically I think we’re looking at $150 and $50 savings respectively here. Not too shabby on Magenta’s part, eh?

Via [Tmo News]

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