Gadgetell Review: Dane-Elec Media Streamer

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Dane-Elec Movie Streamer

Dane-Elec Movie Streamer

Need a way to watch a lot of content on your mobile devices, without needing to actually download it all? There’s now a solution in the form of the Dane-Electric Media Streamer.

Now available at Walmart, the product provides expanded storage, as well as content streaming and charging. It’s also tiny, and offers a great deal of portability.

The Media Streamer offers in-puts for an SD card or flash drive, which are meant to contain media, whether photos, video or music. Then, it streams from there to the mobile device via a special app. The device can stream to up to six devices, if you have a large family who all wants to watch the same thing at the same time on a mobile device, although it is also geared towards business travelers, wanting to bring entertainment with them on a plane, train, or hotel.

I admit this product isn’t quite for me. Most of its functions are better-served by existing products that I already use. There are better options out there for storage and backup. It’s not that useful, not coming with storage. And streaming is everywhere these days- there are so many better ways to stream that don’t require a third-party device and extra storage.

However, the product only retails for $39.99, so it may be worth a flier for some.

Here’s a video demo:

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