Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 Goes Official in India with Android 4.2, Dual-Core SoC and $175 Price

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Galaxy S Duos 2It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for mobile tech enthusiasts, what with so many of their favorite products getting discounted, but to make the holiday season even more jolly, Samsung is prepping the rollout of a brand new budget-conscious smartphone.

The Galaxy S Duos 2, as the name suggests, will follow on the footsteps of the Galaxy S Duos, launched more than a year ago, albeit the “new” handheld is an almost identical twin of the “old” one. In fact, I challenge you to find the slightest of design distinctions between the two. Can’t do it, can you?

Granted, the S Duos 2 is 2 grams lighter than its predecessor, but equally as thin (or thick, at 10.5 mm), plus its overall external appearance is a blatant rip-off Galaxy S3’s. Not that that’s a bad thing… per se.

On the software side of things, you’re bound to notice the biggest difference of all, as the S Duos 2 runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, two whole OS generations ahead of the ICS pre-loaded on the first-gen S Duos. Meanwhile, in the hardware department, the CPU has been slightly upgraded, from a 1 GHz dual-core model to 1.2 GHz, though the meager 768 MB RAM is unfortunately still in place.

Everything else is the same, from dual SIM support to 5 MP rear cam and 1,500 mAh battery, so you shouldn’t act surprised upon hearing the price tag won’t budge too much. India is to get the Galaxy S Duos 2 for roughly $175 (Rs. 11,000) by the end of December, with several other Asian and European countries expected to follow suit. Any takers?

Via [GSM Arena]

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