Rumor: Toshiba Joining Chromebook Game Early Next Year

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google-chromebookFirst, there was Samsung and Acer. Then HP and Lenovo joined them, followed closely by a product Google made from scratch. And now Asus and Toshiba also want in.

It’s the fledgling Chromebook market, which, in spite of heavy early bashing, looks ready to truly take off and break the PC mainstream scene. As you probably remember, a Taiwanese publication suggested not long ago at least two Asus-made Chromebooks are to be expected in early 2014.

It didn’t take long for company officials to partially confirm the scoop, leaving out all relevant details as to the exact hardware of the laptop pair expected to cost between $200 and $350. As for Toshiba’s near future plans, these are even fuzzier, albeit one thing seems set in stone: the Japanese want a piece of the pie for themselves.

Knowing Toshiba, they’ll probably not come out with products as cost-effective as, say, Acer’s $200 C720-2848. I could even see them, though it may sound like a stretch (not to mention gamble), rolling out a genuine Chromebook Pixel rival with top-shelf specs and pricing north of $1,000.

Whatever they have in the pipeline, the specifics are bound to get revealed in January, at CES, or February, at MWC, so stay tuned.

Via [Digitimes]

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