Nakamichi Makes Comeback With Audiophile Quality Products

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Nakamichi LogoEveryone loves a good comeback story, especially if the protagonist is worthy of adoration. Sort of like the Christopher Nolan reboot of the Batman movie franchise. Or Mickey Rourke’s excellent return to acting in The Wrestler and Iron Man 2. Yeah, that’s right, comics!

But let’s bring up a technology-related comeback. Nakamichi, who has been gone from the U.S. markets for over a decade and a half, has returned with a strong rollout and an eye to compete against the likes of Beats and Bose. The kicker? These audiophile-grade products come at half the cost.

Nakamichi NK 22 Soundbar Home TheaterIt’s a pretty tall order to toe the line against Beats and Bose, but [easyazon-link asin=”B00B9QWQYC” locale=”us”]Nakamichi[/easyazon-link] is known for precision engineering and superior craftsmanship for all their electronics.

Their new, modern lineup includes the NK 22 Home Theater Soundbar, Shockwave Bluetooth speaker, and Nakamichi Bluetooth headphones.

The Nakamichi NK 22 Soundbar (also here at Sears) can go with that brand-new big-screen TV you’re planning to buy. No? Ok, well it has built-in Bluetooth to easily pair with all of your mobile devices for movies or music. The styling is pretty sleek and would look good in any room.

Nakamichi Shockwave Bluetooth SpeakerFor something a little bit more portable, without sacrificing look, the Nakamichi Shockwave Speaker (also here at Sears) boasts an impressive sound output that is clear and distinct.

This is much more ideal for tablet and smartphone use with Bluetooth wireless. You can also field phone calls with it too.

Lastly, for those who are looking for a more personal and private audio solution, is the Nakamichi Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones feature Bluetooth wireless as well as on-ear track and volume control.

Nakamichi Bluetooth HeadphonesNo word on the battery life. Hopefully it’s good, because those ear pads look pretty cushy!

If you’re looking for quality that stands up but with a brand that stands out, check out the Nakamichi lineup.

Even though they’re available from Amazon, the prices from Sears reflects the intended pricing.

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  • http://n/a rolando perales

    started to charge the Bluetooth and then the charging plug fell inside the bluetooth, Sear’s would not do anything cause i did not buy an extended warranty !!! now i would like to see if you can send me the schematic’s and i will fix it my self ,,, just need to find out how to open it !