Moto X Cyber Monday Deal Turns Into Fiasco, Gets Rescheduled for December 4 and 9

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moto-xThis year’s Cyber Monday was supposed to be a big day for Motorola, probably the biggest in ages, as Moto X’s SIM-free price was to be slashed to a point where no one could really refuse the customizable phone.

Regularly available for $500 free of contractual obligations, the 4.7-inch Android was to cost a measly 350 bucks for 24 hours or until inventory ran out. $350 with all Moto Maker perks included, mind you, meaning in theory you could’ve picked whatever quirky color combo tickled your fancy and added custom engravings in the mix.

Only what Moto didn’t take into account when announcing the promo was [easyazon-link asin=”B00EP2BYHW” locale=”us”]Moto X[/easyazon-link]’s sudden surge in popularity once the value for money became unbeatable. And so the Moto Maker website crashed and burned and there was no way to save it in time for the Cyber Monday sale to still happen.

Luckily, Moto’s acknowledged its blunder with dignity, apologizing for it and promising to make up for all the hassle caused by… doubling down on the deal. Thus, instead of a one-day-only promotion, you’ll ultimately get a 48-hour window to score a $350 X.

The first half will go down tomorrow, on December 4, starting at noon ET, with a second serving slated for next Monday, on the 9th. To ensure they’ll handle demand accordingly, Motorola officials have emphasized they’ve doubled the devices available, albeit there’s no word on whether they also bought some new servers. Fingers crossed, y’all.

Via [Motorola Twitter]

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