Polaroid Socialmatic Camera Marrying 20th and 21st Century Technology to Bow at CES

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Design_AcceptancePolaroid licensee C&A Licensing and Socialmatic will show their new Polaroid Socialmatic instant camera at CES. Says the press release:

A revolutionary hip new digital camera, the Polaroid Socialmatic camera brings the appeal of 70s vintage Polaroid cameras together with the ability to print photos instantly and allow users to connect with all social media networks using the camera’s built in WiFi.

The Android-based 14 megapixel camera will employ built-in WiFi to enable users to take a picture and immediately post it on social media. The twist? You can also print the photo instantly on integrated paper with Zink Technology’s ink-free Zero Ink Printing. The Polaroid Socialmatic will feature a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen and an LED flash.

No words yet on pricing, availability or additional specs, but you can see the Socialmatic camera for yourself in Booth #13613 at CES.

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