Keeping Abreast of Wearable Tech, Microsoft is Working on a “Smart Bra”

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I had to do it. I mean I’m still trying to fix my permanently dropped jaw because Microsoft just went in a weird direction. The funny thing is, when I was writing the story on Sony’s SmartWig, I wanted to say “what’s next? a smart bra?” And look! It’s quite literally in the works. Am I psychic or is Microsoft just spying on me? I want a cut of these sales! But enough rambling, let me tell you what me know.


Microsoft decided that women eat too much when they’re stressed out, and that’s just not okay I guess. Sorry that I’ve had a bad week and I need a brownie! It’s not bad enough that my mom is giving me the eye, now I’ve got to worry about my bra judging me too?! This time, instead of downing that brownie with a chocolate milkshake, a smart bra will intervene with “just-in-time-support for emotional eating”.

Basically, the smart bra is fitted with sensors that monitor wearers’ real-time bio-signals such as heart rate and respiration, which is how Microsoft will be able to call out women all over the world for emotional signs of stress. This data is then streamed via Bluetooth to a mobile phone alerting the user that their ex-boyfriend is not worth that hour of elliptical they’ll have to do just to burn off that slice of pizza.

So what’s the reason for this “wearable tech”? According to a study, participants who were made aware of their stress-eating habit are more likely to make better decisions about what they eat. And as we all know (especially around the holiday season), high stress can cause a bit of overeating.

One participant of the study said: “I was eating without being aware of it, but by having to log both my eating habits and my emotions, I became aware of triggers for emotional eating, and also more aware of the health (or lack thereof) in my diet.”

And the reason for the bra is that “the bra form-factor allowed us to collect EKG (electrocardiagram) near the heart,” according to the researchers.

So join me in my jaw-dropping reaction because the Smart Bra seems like it’s actually happening.


[Source: Fox News]

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