Elijah Wood’s Bushmills Headphones Go Down Smooth and Easy

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UnknownEver get toasted with your friends late night and come up with a great (or at least intriguing) idea? “Wilfred” star Elijah Wood and his Wooden Wisdom DJ partner Zach Cowie did. And they came up with what we believe are the first headphones to be made of whiskey barrels.

The official story goes that Wood and Cowie had just spun a set at the Bushmills Live festival and, while chillin’ ‘n’ sippin’ some Bushmills (amazing coincidence!) backstage they brainstormed on how to combine their love for music with their love of craftsmanship. And out of this buzzed discussion was born a collaboration with Brooklyn-based Grado Labs to custom-make headphones out of Bushmills Whiskey barrels. Synergy!

The result is these babies, retailing at $395 here.

How artisan are these? Hella artisan! Let the press release sing its siren song:

United by their love of music, the two friends worked together to design the headphones to fit their specific aesthetic vision. They chose to work with Grado Labs, a family-owned company that ranks as the leader in design engineering for high-end audio and recording. Owned by the same family working out of the same Brooklyn factory for more than 50 years, Grado makes every headphone by hand, delivering the award-winning level of quality and authenticity that meshes perfectly with Wood and Cowie’s vision and aligns closely with Bushmills’ handcrafted tradition.

They made a video about it, of course:

I’m buying a shot for the first person I see on the subway with these cans. That shot will be a Jameson.



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