Deal Alert: Brand New Apple iPad 4 Costs $360 in Micro Center Stores

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iPad 4Assuming this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday didn’t make you bankrupt or lowered your credit score to negative values and are still on the lookout for some solid electronic deals, Micro Center stores have one heck of a promotion going on.

Apple’s fourth-generation 9.7-inch iPad, which was basically discontinued once the Air broke cover, costs an incredible $359.99 with the retailer. The “catch”? You need to swing by one of their brick and mortar locations across 16 American states.

Not a problem? Then here’s why Micro Center’s special offer is so sizzling hot. For one thing, they essentially sell a brand new iPad at the price of a refurbished unit. You get the standard one-year warranty and all the bells and whistles that make Apple merchandise so reliable.

Secondly, MC’s iPad 4 is even cheaper than the unused iPad 2 sold via Apple’s store. And do I really need to tell you which is better? Fine, it’s, surprise, surprise, the newer one. I mean, the fourth-gen has the superior display, with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels resolution, the zippier A6X CPU, the 5 MP rear camera and humongous 11,560 mAh battery.

Lastly, the iPad 4, at $360, is also 40 bucks cheaper than the Retina-toting iPad mini 2, as well as a measly 60 clams costlier than the first take on the 7.9-incher. Again, there’s really no comparing the two three, as most people would never trade extra screen real estate for a slight raw speed boost (in iPad mini 2’s case). Hurry up now, as MicroCenter’s iPad 4 inventory is unlikely to last for long.

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