Amazon Drones Could Mean Target Practice

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Photo via ABC News

Photo via ABC News

One thing about that kinda scary Amazon drone story: How will the drones defend themselves?

I live in Philadelphia, where someone once shot at a police helicopter for a totally stupid reason. And that’s not the only such story. You might recall, in fact, that we have a gun violence problem in this country, as well as a lot of crazy/angry people with itchy trigger fingers and/or lots of time on their hands.

So what’s to stop someone from shooting down an unmanned Amazon drone? Good question.

Don’t believe something like that would happen? Here’s a guy who wants to shoot down Amazon drones for sport. Others have speculated on the likelihood of thieves shooting down drones and their packages before they arrive at their legitimate destinations. And then there’s the weather. And air traffic. And territorial birds.

In fact, there are all kinds of things that could go wrong for Amazon drones on their appointed rounds.

You know what’s pretty cool technology? There are these companies called USPS, FedEx and UPS with amazing logistics that employ people to DELIVER PACKAGES RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. Can you believe it? It’s like magic, these companies and people getting things from point A to point B so swiftly. What a world!

But bummer, right now you have to pay people to do those deliveries. How 20th century is that! Imagine, paying people to do things. What is this, 1958?

In fact, UPS is exploring the use of drones too, along with Google.

I want to see a drone deliver me a package in a wind storm or hailstorm or snowstorm. You know, like my postal carrier would.

Ah, technology: Freeing us from the crushing tyranny of mail carriers. We’ll get to work on that cancer stuff later.

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