Samsung Galaxy J Goes Official in Taiwan, Who’s Next?

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Galaxy JWell, well, well, what have we here? It’s the Taiwanese version of the spectacular cross between Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and its other top dog, the Galaxy S4.

Initially presumed to remain exclusive to Japan for all eternity (mostly due to its name), the metal-clad (!) 5-incher now appears set to take the whole world by storm. Or at least the whole of Asia, though if that’s the case, a subsequent European rollout would be dictated by common sense.

But let’s leave all speculation aside for a few seconds and focus on what we know for sure about the Galaxy J and its Taiwanese debut. Set for next week, this will see the beast cost roughly $740 (TWD 21,900) outright and around $300 (TWD 7,990) with subsidies.

Quite a pretty penny, but hey, what would you expect? The Galaxy J borrows S4’s compact form factor, Note 3’s unequaled raw speed and adds in the equation a sleek, sturdy and smooth aluminum chassis. Too bad there’s no S Pen support in the mix, or I’d have had no problem in proclaiming the bad boy the all-around perfect smartphone.

Also, it’s a shame about the somewhat puny 2,600 mAh battery beneath the hood, which is unlikely to be enough to keep the lights on for long with a system comprising of a Full HD 5-inch panel, Snapdragon 800 CPU and 3 GB RAM.

By the by, is anyone interested in taking bets on Galaxy J’s next stop towards world domination? I got a buck on China and Hong Kong, with Russia and Ukraine then grabbing the baton.

Via [GSM Arena]

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