Android 4.4.1 Update Might Feature Android Chromecast Screen-Mirroring Capabilities

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We don’t know a whole lot about this, but it seems Google might be planning an Android 4.4.1 update in Chromecast which will allow Android devices to mirror a TV screen. Welcome to the future, folks!

As you probably recall, Google released Android 4.4.1 last week to fix the camera in the Nexus 5 but apparently there’s some clues in the source code which indicate the potential for screen-mirroring capabilities.

Here’s the list from the developers at Funky Android if you would like to take a look.

Currently, [easyazon-link asin=”B00DR0PDNE” locale=”us”]Chromecast[/easyazon-link] only allows screencasting through supported apps like Chrome, Netflix, Hulu and a few more.

Koushik Dutta, the co-founder of Cyanogen Inc, is the person who found the feature in the change logs. He said, “From the patches I see in 4.4.1, they’ll be adding Android mirroring to Chromecast very soon.”

However, Dutta notes that the feature will not be open to third-party developers, which will keep it limited to Chromecast hardware only.

Either way, I think this is a cool step in the right direction.

Don’t you just love the future?


I know McFly approves, but what about the rest of you? Would you use the screen-mirroring capabilities?

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