Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Sales Hit 10 Million Milestone in A Little Over Two Months

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Galaxy-Note3What was that about phablets being way too big and uncomfortable to ever break into the mainstream mobile universe? Also, remember how “pundits” predicted Samsung’s demise hot on the heels of what many described as mediocre sales figures posted by the Galaxy S4? Well, wrongo times two.

Sammy’s financials are hotter than ever and phablets are becoming a huge (pun intended) thing, as Galaxy Note 3 sales prove beyond the shadow of a doubt. The latest (and greatest) Note family member has reportedly crossed the 10 million milestone in a hair over two months, having been released on September 25.

That puts the overall selling pace at an average of 160k a day, or 6,500 an hour, or 100 a minute. So two of these bad boys are basically sold around the world every second of every day of every week. Mind-blowing? I’d say, but here’s what’s more impressive. The Note 3 is twice as popular as its predecessor, and almost five times as hot as the first-gen Note.

That’s right, the Note took nine whole months to push 10 million, whereas the [easyazon-link asin=”B0099LATZ2″ locale=”us”]Note 2[/easyazon-link] reached the emblematic goal four months or so after its commercial launch. Meanwhile, the GS4 actually outsold the Note 3, crossing the 10 mil barrier in 30 days, but hey, it’s crystal clear 5.7-inchers are not everyone’s cup of tea… yet.

Via [Samsung]

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