Dual-SIM Nokia RM-977 ‘Moneypenny’ Surfaces in India, May Debut at MWC 2014

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Nokia dual SIMGoing into 2013, Nokia had a lot of challenges to tackle in its attempt to go after the big boys of the mobile industry, but three prevailed as by far the most problematic. Due to Windows Phone’s limitations, Lumia devices were unable to go quad-core, sport Full HD screens and accommodate two SIM cards at once.

Well, luckily for them, two of the issues have been ironed out and the third is just months away from following suit. The first dual-SIM Lumia, believed to be codenamed “Moneypenny” (as in James Bond’s secret love interest/secretary), has been spotted while visiting India on a testing and evaluation tour that should closely precede its commercial launch.

Zauba, the site that allegedly keeps a watch on all Indian imports, doesn’t list the device as the “Moneypenny”, but instead the TRX RM-977, which just happens to be extremely similar to Lumia 1320 and 1520’s aliases (RM-995 and RM-937).

Yet all other signs point to the RM-977 being situated lower on the WP totem pole. Specifically, closer to the Lumia 625 and 520. A 4.5-inch display, likely boasting 800 x 480 pixels resolution, is one of the few features set in stone, along with both single and dual SIM support.

As far as pricing goes, the approximate worth of the testing unit is $130, but expect the MSRP significantly north of that. As for the “when” of the equation, odds are Nokia is relying on CES 2014 or, more likely, MWC to introduce the world to the “Moneypenny”, with actual shipping bound to start in early spring.

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