BluStor Briefcase Ditches Passwords for Biometric Security

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BluStor LogoLast week, 2 million Facebook, Google, and Twitter passwords were stolen by hackers. Such stories seem to pop up every other month or so, which leads to the question of personal and account security. Passwords, even the stronger ones, are quickly becoming ill-effective for security and protection.

There are a number of password manager solutions available, but most of them still can’t get away from the whole “password” aspect. However, one company is looking to change that on a wide scale.

BlueStor has just introduced the world’s first multi-factor, multi-biometric, Bluetooth Mobile Security Solution. While it sounds really fancy, the BluStor Secure Mobile Briefcase is really a creditcard-sized device that keeps your biometric credentials.

BluStor Secure Mobile Briefcase largeThe BluStor Secure Mobile Briefcase idea is pretty genius, and it also has widespread application across quite a number of fields and industries.

But most importantly, it provides consumers with a way to secure their mobile devices without the use of a pin or password.

The BluStor system implements both hardware and software to keep devices and identities secure. The BluStor card uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with an app (available for iOS and Android) to provide authentication for mobile device access.

The Secure Mobile Briefcase app protects entire mobile devices. One can only access that app through a biometric fingerprint, voice, or iris information file. These files are stored on the BluStor card. If the correct card is not in range or if the files don’t match, then the app as well as the entire device remains locked.

The BluStor Secure Mobile Briefcase is in the prototype phase right now and looking to release sometime in 2014. There isn’t any comprehensive explanation on how a person goes about the business of setting fingerprints, iris scans, or voice recordings. Or what to do if one loses their BluStor card. That can be a nightmare in itself.

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