Star Trek SickBay Bed! Well, Not Quite, But Close

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star trek sickbay bedIn the weeks prior to the mHealth 2013 Summit, I received numerous press releases and offers to stop by vendor booths and interview people. Since GadgeTell has a consumer electronic focus, I ignored most of them, but this one did get my attention.

Star Trek has come to life at the mHealth Summit with SensioTec’s Virtual Medical Assistant, the first FDA-cleared, remote, non-contact, real-time cardiorespiratory and patient motion monitor which provides scalable, high value, low cost, location-agnostic patient care.

Yes, a Star Trek SickBay Bed. Or darned close to it. (Would have been cooler if they’d been wearing Star Trek uniforms, and yes, we did joke about that during my visit.)

When I stopped by the booth, there was an actual “patient” on the bed, demostrating how it monitored both heart rate and respiration. Okay, she wasn’t a real patient, but she did look pretty comfy and like she was taking a nap. Considering I’d been walking the exhibit floor for a couple of hours by then, I wished I could demo it.

In layman’s terms, what does it do? It uses radar to allow non-contact monitoring of the heart and respiration. The information can be transmitted to a nursing station, smartphone or tablet. No sensors, electrodes or the like. The device slips under a bed or chair and can also be used to alert to a possible fall or remind that the patient needs to be turned.

While I was talking to the SensioTec people, the “patient” got up and moved away, and, yes, the device stopped monitoring and all indicators dropped to zero.

In the future, they are looking to add heart chamber monitoring and asthma monitoring. They are also working on a pediatric model that will be smaller, and there’s been some interest in incorporating the device into cribs and car seats.

Yeah, it’s cool to see stuff that I watched on TV when I was a kid become real today.

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  • Andrea Belarruti

    Sometimes technology surprises me so much that it totally beats all of the things I’ve watched in TV

  • Juli Monroe

    Ain’t it grand? :)