Sprint Motorola Moto X Gets Updated to Android 4.4, The Circle Is Now Complete

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motorola-moto-x-android-4-4The signs were all there ever since last week, but it’s better to be cautious and then enjoy it when it happens rather than get ahead of yourself. And it’s happening, according to numerous online user reports.

The last major Motorola Moto X version left clinging to Android Jelly Bean butter is being bumped up to 4.4 KitKat as we speak. It’s the Sprint model, one that’s available via the carrier’s official website for free with two-year contracts in standard black and white color combos and for $99.99 through Moto Maker in dozens of possible chromatic schemes.

Since the Moto X broke cover with Android 4.2 on board, the 4.4 update is unlikely to drastically alter things. Yet it’s going to make everything slightly smoother, faster and more responsive, as well as revamp the user interface.

Sprint follows AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and US Cellular’s suit with the OTA, the turnaround time of all five wireless service providers being truly impressive, as the first 4.4 build saw daylight a measly six weeks back. Up next, the Moto G.

Via [The Droid Guy]

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