RetroTell: 1977 Sony Betamax Sales Training Video Features Lots of Brown

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betamax-1For people of a certain age, the Sony Betamax video recorder will always be the “what might have been” technology. There still seems to be a broad consensus that Betamax was superior to the competing technology that rendered it obsolete: VHS/VCR.

To the humans of the mid-1970s, Betamax was a mindblower. The ability to record TV shows… and even better, to schedule recordings for when you’re not even in the house? The ability to watch one show and record another… at the same time? What manner of wizardry was this!

Sony knew it had to educate the consumer about this bonkers new technology, especially at the retail store level. So it developed this sales training video which features shag carpeting, awesome hairdos, awkward conversation, and, in keeping with the times, lots and lots of variations on brown.

Bonus: Here’s a 1979 30-second TV ad for Betamax.


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