With Gadget Review Hires, WSJ Plans For a Post-Mossberg Future

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With superstar tech journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher departing the Wall Street Journal and its All Things D vertical at year’s end, the Journal has brought several new names aboard as its new tech reviewing team. The WSJ announced in a blog post that it is “tripling resources” devoted to technology coverage. 

Joanna Stern tries out Google Glass (Via Tumblr)

Joanna Stern tries out Google Glass (Via Tumblr)

Longtime Journal hand Geoffrey A. Fowler, who has reported for the newspaper all over the world, has joined the team, along with new hire Joanna Stern, the journalist and reviewer whose fast rise has taken her from Engadget to the Verge to ABC News and now to the Journal.

In addition, Wilson Rothman, formerly of NBC News, has been named WSJ’s personal technology editor, while Nathan Oliverez-Giles, formerly of Wired and later The Verge, is the personal tech blogger.

 In the post, the paper laid out its ideas for the new coverage, which will start in early January:

 “Our commitment to deeper coverage of technology and its impact on business and the world is reflected in this expanded personal-technology team,” said Gerard Baker, editor-in-chief of the Journal. “Walt Mossberg did something remarkable in creating a vital new coverage category for the Journal and journalism. Geoff and Joanna will cut new paths that will educate, represent and entertain our readers. They will be leaders in this important and growing arena.”

Bloomberg News reported earlier this month that tech review maven Mossberg and top reporter Swisher, along with much of their staff, will take their talents to Comcast-owned NBC Universal, to launch a new media and conference business similar to the highly lucrative All Things D. That announcement, according to the report, will come in early January.

While Mossberg and Swisher are reportedly not taking the All Things D brand name with them, WSJ did not use that name in its announcement of the new team.

The moves continue a tumultuous year in the gadget-reviewing field, as blogger and reviewer David Pogue announced that he is leaving the New York Times for a new role with Yahoo.

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