Want to Take on the World’s Top Chess Player at CES?

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This is not a model. This is quite possibly the greatest chess player ever.

This is not a model. This is quite possibly the greatest chess player ever.

It’s been established that Magnus Carlsen, the world’s number-one chess player, is virtually unbeatable by any human. But what about 20 humans?

Nordic Semiconductor will hold a “simultaneous exhibition” at CES that will find Carlsen playing multiple games at a time with 20 other players.

Could one of those players be you? Funny you asked, because one of them could be you! Enter for the chance to be selected for the competition here. But do it quick, because entries close on December 19, 12:00 PST.

And no worries, you don’t need to be a chessmaster to roll with this groove:

The skills required are not higher than just another hobby player. To participate answer a few simple questions and solve an easy chess puzzle.

Nordic says the lucky players will get a signed chess board among other prizes.

There’s a digital wellness angle to all of this. According to Electronic Product Design & Test, Carlsen will wear a “[easyazon-link asin=”B00BJ6HLDI” locale=”us”]MIO heart rate monitor[/easyazon-link] allied to NPE’s WASP ANT/Wi-Fi bridge so that his heart rate, together with those of his opponents, can be displayed on a large screen.”

The tournament will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Connector, Room S228, on Thursday, January 9, from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.

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