AT&T Reportedly Testing Samsung Galaxy S5 Under SM-G900A Model Number

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samsung-galaxy-s5Deadlines have been moved back and forth, from Q1 to Q2 2014 and the other way around, but one thing is crystal clear: Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is looming large on the horizon. And if the latest word around the block is to be trusted, it may well break cover by the end of March.

According to usually-but-not-always-reliable Twitter tipster @evleaks, AT&T is the first US carrier (to his knowledge) to have started testing a handheld that’s believed to be the S5. A lot of circumstantial evidence and plenty of suppositions there, yet chances are our source is on to something.

The AT&T-bound GS5 is allegedly known on the inside as SM-G900A, which just happens to very closely resemble two other codenames mentioned of late in relation to an imminent “next big thing” from Samsung: SM-G900S and SM-G900F.

Our best guess is the three slightly different aliases designate versions meant for three wireless service providers. Or maybe three regions, as in America, Europe and Asia. Another theory is the SM-G900 line includes so-called super-premium S5 models with features like flexible screens and/or all-metal exteriors, whereas the standard variants will carry yet to be revealed monikers. But that’s a stretch.

Anyways, the only certainty is there are no certainties, so let’s wait for intel a little more palpable before jumping to conclusions. Also, keep an eye on our extensive CES 2014 coverage. We doubt Samsung has anything major prepped for a Vegas intro, but you never know.

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