Mystery Samsung SM-T900/T905 Slate Crops Up, Could It Be a Galaxy Tab 4 13.3?

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Samsung Windows Android tabletIt’s no secret Samsung plans to take both CES and MWC 2014 by storm with a stack of new tablets, ranging from petite to gigantic and entry-level to high-end, but their number and identities are still a bone of contention.

The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite and Note 12.2 look the most likely to break cover next month, possibly along a 10.5-incher sporting a vibrant Super AMOLED display. What else? Well, there’s also a cryptic bad boy known only as the SM-T900 and SM-T905 at this time.

The codenames, aside from blatantly suggesting both Wi-Fi only and LTE-enabled variants, hint at the thing taking a place close to the very top of Samsung’s totem pole, somewhere near the GNote 12.2 (aka SM-P900).

Additional proof supporting the same theory can be found in Zauba’s database, as the Indian import tracking authority lists the prices at roughly $560 (Rs. 34,608). Premium pricing equals premium build quality and features, so it’s possible we’re dealing with a fourth-gen Galaxy Tab with a display of at least 10 inches.

Rumor had it not long ago a 13.3-incher was prepared to be added to the family, so connecting all the dots, the SM-T900 may go official during CES or MWC as the Galaxy Tab 4 13.3. Or maybe it’ll be part of the ATIV line and offer Windows/Android dual-boot support. Either way, I’m psyched. How about you?

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