Leaked: Precise ETAs for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, 10.1, Note Pro 12.2 and Tab 3 Lite

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samsung-galaxy-tab-3As hard as Samsung tried to keep a tighter than usual lid on spills of information concerning unannounced Galaxy products, its four tablets to be released in Q1 2014 are no longer enigmas.

Firstly, the names are all out in the open: Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Tab Pro 10.1, Note Pro 12.2 and Tab 3 Lite. As a direct consequence, placement on the Android totem pole is also crystal clear, with the Pros sitting close to the top and the Lite at the very bottom.

Thanks to Sam Mobile and the online publication’s always reliable tipsters, the timelines have been uncovered too, so it’s safe to assume the 7-inch Tab 3 Lite will be formally introduced to the world at CES in Las Vegas.

Next, the Tab Pro 8.4 and Note Pro 12.2 are supposed to go up for grabs in week six of 2014 (early February), hence it’s not out of the question for Samsung to chaperone the Tab 3 Lite in Vegas and then keep a low profile for a few weeks.

Only seven days or so later, the final member of the quartet, dubbed Tab Pro 10.1, is to launch, leaving Samsung’s MWC 2014 product lineup entirely to the imagination. Hmmm, could the Galaxy S5 actually see daylight on the Barcelona show’s eve towards the end of February? Perhaps, but don’t count on it.

Via [Sam Mobile]

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