EnerPlex Surfr, Solar-Powered Case for iPhone 5, to Debut at CES 2014

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AscentSolar LogoSolar technology made some significant strides in 2013. The cost of equipment became more affordable to the average consumer, while the variety of options have expanded. Many solar gadgets are standalone panels; some are combined with an external battery, speaker or flashlight.

The latest product announcement is from Ascent Solar Technologies, with its latest iPhone accessory. The EnerPlex Surfr for the iPhone 5 and 5s is billed as the world’s first to combine solar technology into a smartphone case. The Surfr case will be shown at CES 2014.

AscentSolar EnerPlex Surfr iPhone 5 case blackThe EnerPlex Surfr case features a 2000mAh battery, which effectively doubles the life of an Apple iPhone 5.

While there are other battery-cases for the iPhone 5, this is first to have solar technology built-in. The CIGS solar materials in the Surfr are designed to be lighter and more rugged when compared to traditional solar panels.

The case provides protection to the iPhone 5 along with the convenience of longer battery life and a means of recharging. Is this for an urbanite? Probably not. This type of case seems better-suited to someone who is going to be out in the cuts, climbing, hiking, or camping.

If you like options, you got ’em. The EnerPlex Surfr case for the iPhone 5 comes in choice of black, blue, green, orange, magenta or purple. They’re available now at the EnerPlex website.

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