Must-Have Tablet Apps: Filling Up Your New Device

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must have tablet appsWere you one of the lucky people to receive a new tablet for the holidays? Once you’ve got it all set up and running, it’s time to get some apps. But there are so many. Which ones should you get first? Here’s my list of must-have tablet apps for your new device.

Evernote (iOS) (Android)

Lots of people love Evernote for keeping track of notes, articles, documents, pictures, recipes and just about everything else. Search on “using Evernote” and you’ll find scores of articles. For example, here’s an article on how to use it as a task management system.

Just download it. You won’t regret it. It’s worth upgrading to Premium too.

An eBook Reader App

Tablets are great for video, games and other entertainment, but they’re also great eReaders. Depending on how you like to buy your books, there’s an app to meet your needs.

Like to buy from the big eBook retailers? No problem. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo all have apps for reading their books. But while these retailer apps are convenient for downloading and syncing content from various stores, they’re often basic apps with little customization and few features.

If you prefer more options, I recommend Marvin for iOS and Moon+ Reader for Android. Both are solid apps, updated frequently, and offer most of the options you’ll want. Both even offer syncing through Dropbox. Easy!

Dropbox (Android) (iOS)

Speaking of Dropbox, you’ll want to download that app as well. With it, all your documents and pictures can be stored in the cloud and easy to access on any device. While you can use Evernote for that as well, I prefer Dropbox for document management. Storage starts at 2GB for free, but it’s easy to increase that with referrals and other activities.

Video Apps

Of course tablets are great for video, and they handle streaming content well. This article wouldn’t be complete without streaming video apps. If you received an iPad, you can choose from Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. Android users are limited to Netflix, unless you want to try a workaround for Amazon Instant. [easyazon-link asin=”B00D3WQMVI” locale=”us”]Kindle Fire HDX[/easyazon-link] users have access to Netflix and the amazing ability to download free Prime Streaming videos. Almost makes me wish I owned an HDX.

Apps to Read Articles and Blog Posts

There are many options for consuming content online, but I’m particularly fond of Feedly and Flipboard.

I use Feedly for all my (former) Google Reader feeds, and I like how I can scroll quickly through articles. Flipboard is more of a magazine-style app and is nice for curling in a comfy chair to enjoy longer content.

Read-It-Later Apps

Like to read blog posts and articles but prefer to save them for offline reading? Pocket and Instapaper are great services with free apps. You can save articles from your computer or tablet. There are a few steps involved to set up saving from an iOS browser, but Android tablets will show both apps as “Share” options if they are installed. You can also save from Feedly and Flipboard.

Which is better? Hard to say. Page flipping works better in Instapaper, so I tend to save longer articles there and save Pocket for short articles.

I could go on, but that’ll give you enough to start with. Enjoy discovering more apps beyond the ones I listed. This list barely scratches the surface of what I have on my iPad and Nexus 7.

Feel free to share your must have tablet apps in the comments.

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