Lose It App Review: Great For Post-Holiday Weight Loss

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lose it app reviewMany people pack on the pounds this time of year, and a common New Year’s resolution is “to lose weight.” Easy to say but so hard to actually accomplish.

There are lots of weight loss apps out there, but the one I use and like is Lose It!. It’s easy to enter information, and keeping track does help make it easier to consistently exercise and eat well.

There’s both an iOS and Android version, and you can sign up for a web account to sync between devices and share your progress with friends. While I use both versions, I much prefer the iOS app, which has been updated to be fully iOS 7 compatible. It’s a great looking app and easy to interact with.

The basic idea is simple. When you first start the app, it will ask for basic information like gender, height, weight, weight goal and how much you want to lose each week (from half a pound to two pounds.) The app will generate a calorie budget for each day, and you record what you eat and how you exercise. Lose It! will let you know where you are relative to your budget for each day.

Wasn't I good? Trying to prepare for Christmas dinner.

Wasn’t I good? Trying to prepare for Christmas dinner.

Entering food is simple. The app has a huge database of foods, and a nifty bar code scanner you can use on packaged food items. My husband never fails to get a reaction when he scans his microwave lunch at work. There are even restaurant foods so you can track your calories when you eat out. Beware. That entree you love may cause heart failure when you see how many calories it contains!

Exercise works the same way. Lose It! has a database of exercises and estimates of how many calories they burn. You enter as you go, and it increases your calorie budget to accommodate. Trust me, when you’ve overindulged, there’s some extra incentive to hit the gym in the evening.

If you sign up for an account on their website, you can earn badges, assuming gamification is your thing. You can also create a friend list and share your progress with them.

Be warned. “Sexual Activity” is a valid exercise, but the app shares all exercises by default. Sharing that particular exercise could lead to some awkward conversations. (“Only 10 minutes? Really, dude?”)

Am I perfect in recording? Well, no, but I do record more often than not, and I do find it makes it easier to lose weight and keep it off.

Lose It! just might be your best friend in keeping your 2014 resolution!

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