3D Printing Is Amazeballs: Livers, Chocolate and Jello Shots

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Here’s our inaugural edition of 3D Printing Is Amazeballs, which will run down the day’s insane developments in 3D printing.

The world’s first 3D-printed organ. You know, no big whoop, right? A San Diego firm cleverly called Organovo says it will produce the world’s first 3D-printed organ — a human liver — in 2014. The company says it’s figured how to manufacture the vascular system the printed liver needs to receive life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients. Cue a thousand bad jokes from and about problem drinkers.

Choc Creator 3D prints -- you guessed it -- chocolate.

Choc Creator 3D prints — you guessed it — chocolate.

3D-printed chocolate. Yum! Choc Creator, says its inventor, is a “simple, versatile precision desktop 3D Chocolate Printer, developed as a cost-effective solution for individuals, chocolatiers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to make innovative chocolate products.” Enough with the marketing-speak, give us the goods!

3D-printed Jello shots. For the college binge drinker in all of us comes 3D-printed Jello shots.

Into infinity. How about a self-replicating printer that can print… itself?

Stay tuned, we’ll keep hunting for more cool 3D-printing applications and stories.

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