GadgeTell Review: Ayra Bluetooth Speaker

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ayra bluetooth speakerLooking for a bluetooth speaker that really does fit in your pocket? With good sound, easy pairing and good battery life? Look no further, the Ayra Bluetooth speaker might be the one you want.

They’ve been fully funded through Indiegogo, and units will be shipping soon. I received a review unit over the weekend, and I’ve been loving it.

Keep in mind that while I love music, I’m not an audiophile, so while I think this speaker is great, if you’re someone looking to get pure high-fidelity sound that will fill a room, this isn’t for you. If you want something portable, though, pay attention.

It’s small, less than 3 inches square, and about half that in width, easily small enough to toss into a travel bag, or if you’re a guy, in your pants pocket. It uses a standard micro-USB charger, so you probably won’t need to pack an extra cord. I charged it with no problems using the same cord and block that I use for my Nexus 7. The battery is 400mAh, so in a pinch, you could probably charge it with a portable battery like the RAVPower battery I reviewed a few months ago. It’s rated for 5-7 hours of battery life. I’ve only used it for a few hours, so I can’t speak to that yet.

Pairing is simple. When you turn the Ayra on, it beeps to let you know its ready to pair. Turn on Bluetooth on your device and select the Ayra. That pairs them. I didn’t have to enter a code or do anything else.

So how’s the sound?

Since it’s a small square, there’s only so much it can do to simulate stereo sound, but I thought it did well. I’m listening to it now as I write this review, and I’m satisfied. There is a bit of tininess on certain sounds, especially in the lower registers. (Think of the base line to “Run Like Hell” by Pink Floyd. For basic rock and pop, it’s quite good. Classical music, with the myriad of instruments, will suffer somewhat.

I plan to use it most for watching video on my iPad. My husband and I like to curl up on the bed and watch shows that way. Until I received the Ayra, we’d been using an older Philips speaker dock, and I’ve never been happy with it. Our set up required using the jack to plug it in, and volume was always an issue. No matter what we did, the sound was never quite loud enough. That wasn’t a problem with the Ayra. I had my iPad set to about 1/3 maximum volume, and it was plenty loud enough. The Ayra’s small size will make it perfect to take camping!

Overall, I’ve been happy with the speaker. By the time you read this article, the Indiegogo campaign will probably be over, but I’m certain they will be for sale soon. Keep your eyes open!

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