Moto G for Boost Available Now via HSN, Verizon Version Coming to Best Buy at $100

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moto-gMotorola has been phenomenal with deadlines of late, rolling out timely Android 4.4 KitKat updates to both the Moto X and G and putting the G up for grabs early stateside, but the surprises won’t stop there.

Available for a while now starting at an incredibly affordable $180 in an unlocked GSM variant, the Moto G can be had in two additional flavors, one for Verizon and one for Boost Mobile. The kicker? They’re even cheaper, believe it or not, costing 100 bucks a pop. Off-contract.

Granted, they have an additional string attached compared to the version sold directly by Motorola or through Amazon, as you can only use them on the networks they’re meant for: Boost and Big Red. But still, $100 sans any kind of contractual obligations? That’s just crazy. Almost too good to be true.

Yet it is true, with HSN already selling the Boost model and Best Buy claiming Verizon inventory is coming “soon” to retail locations nationwide. How soon? Almost definitely, by the end of the week.

In the spirit of full disclosure, let’s mention there’s one more catch in regards to the Boost Moto G at HSN, as you’ll technically need to cough up $129.95 for the gizmo, of which 30 bucks will be returned by the vendor in the form of a mail-in rebate. Plus, the regular price is listed at $169.95, so we could be looking at a time-sensitive special offer.

Via [9 To 5 Google]

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