Soundfreaq Showcasing New Speakers at CES 2014

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Soundfreaq logoIf you haven’t been feeling inundated by the selection of emerging audio products, just give it a week or so. Some exciting stuff is going to be shown at CES 2014.

One exhibitor, Soundfreaq, a manufacturer of wireless speakers, will be unveiling a number of new products at CES 2014 / CES Unveiled. The Pocket Kick and Sound Rise take inspiration from older models, while the Double Spot gives a nod to mid-century speaker design.

Soundfreaq Pocket KickIf the Pocket Kick sounds familiar, it’s because Soundfreaq’s Sound Kick speaker received much attention and acclaim at CES 2012. The Pocket Kick is the shrunk-down version of it.

Optimized for high-end sound, the Pocket Kick connects either wired or wirelessly to your devices to play audio anywhere.

Soundfreaq Sound RiseThe Sound Rise is actually an updated version of an older Soundfreaq speaker. If you enjoy having that trusty alarm clock by your bedside, you’ll love how the Sound Rise packs modern features and functionality.

The wireless Bluetooth lets users enjoy their mobile content right there in bed at night, while offering a dual alarm clock to get you up in the morning.

If you want something a little different, the Double Spot reaches backwards for style, yet with a modern twist.

Soundfreaq Double Spot WoodThis home speaker delivers quality to rival larger shelf systems, while being compact enough to move freely room to room. It features both Bluetooth wireless and a 3.5mm auxiliary cable.

Soundfreaq has designed the Double Spot with powerful components that can handle max volume with minimum distortion. This is a big deal for those who love to blast their jams without making a mess of it. The Double Spot features an optional battery, allowing it to be cordless for up to seven hours.

In addition to these speakers, Soundfreaq will be giving sneak peeks of their limited edition line of their Novogratz Collection at CES 2014. Visit the Soundfreaq website for more information and release dates for the Pocket Kick, Sound Rise, and Double Spot.

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