New Company OnePlus Working on the “Perfect Smartphone”

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oneplus perfect smartphone

There’s no stopping a new startup from releasing its own smartphone. That is despite big companies like Apple and Samsung are on top of the game.

Former Oppo VP Pete Lau set up his own venture and called it the OnePlus. He built his own company after resigning from Oppo and now he’s ready to introduce a new model he describes as the “perfect smartphone”.

You see, there are hundreds models of mobile devices in the market already. Technology is improving rapidly even before one can upgrade his gadget. The ex-Oppo VP is introducing a new phone that is believed to offer more.

Pete Lau left Oppo with no bad blood. Rumor has it that Oppo will also be manufacturing the said “perfect smartphone”. Not much details have been shared but we’ll let you know soon. I wonder if it will run Android or a totally different mobile OS.

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