Samsung Exec Allegedly Confirms Galaxy S5 February Intro, Flexible Display ‘Under Review’

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Samsung-Galaxy-S5Plenty of sources, so-called tipsters, insiders and pundits have offered “insight” (mostly fabricated) on the future Samsung Galaxy S5 of late, probably doing a splendid job in… throwing us off the next big thing’s scent.

But today, we finally have the first semi-official report on Galaxy S5’s existence. And not just its existence, its ETA and some of its features too. Ready? Several Korean media outlets claim Dong-hoon Chang, Samsung’s EVP and Head of Design Strategy, has gone off record at a Seoul New Year’s party, saying the S5 will be formally introduced to the world at February’s MWC.

Crude violations of work ethics principles aside, we probably shouldn’t rely too heavily on this account of events and take the intel with a massive chunk of the proverbial salt. After all, if these journalist imposters made a private talk public, why believe it was real in the first place?

Besides, even if the exec’s statements were not a figment of the media’s imagination, how do we know they weren’t a joke, or something to again distract us from the bigger picture? Think about it.

Oh, well, just for kicks, let’s assume the story is legit. Aside from the February timeline, Chang apparently spilled the beans on S5’s design makeover, with a new build material incoming. Metal? Probably.

He also suggested a flexible version is due, although right now this is still “under review”, hence unlikely to be finished in time for Barcelona’s MWC. Funnily enough, that actually sounds believable.

Via [G for Games], [INews24]

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