Wild Rumor Alert: Samsung-Made Nexus 10 To Be Showcased at CES 2014

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Nexus-10You can’t really complain of lack of recent activity on Google’s part in the hardware co-manufacturing department, as the spectacular LG-made Nexus 5 has seen daylight roughly two months ago. Still, the Nexus family was always expected to get two reinforcements this past fall, not just one.

So what ever happened with the oft-rumored second-generation Nexus 10? Was it not in the works to begin with? Did Big G pull the plug on account of disheartening first-gen sales? Bottom line, was it delayed or canceled?

No way to know for sure just yet, but if we are to believe Taiwanese online publication Digitimes, the N10-2 is very much real and landing as soon as next week. Next week? You mean during CES 2014 in Las Vegas? We wish, but there’s no way.

“No way” are strong words, however I challenge y’all to recall a high-profile product announcement made by Google at a shared tech event of this kind. Anything comes to mind? Anything at all? Exactly.

Besides, Samsung, which Digitimes claims helped Google with the upgraded N10, has also exhibited a frosty attitude towards CES in recent history, so again, no way this is accurate. On the other hand, I was willing to bet two or three months ago 2013 was to be the year of the second Nexus 10, so what do I know?

Via [Digitimes]

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