Amped Wireless Unveils New Wi-Fi Family at CES 2014

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Amped Wireless LogoHouseholds with multiple devices (and especially multiple users) tend to have one common bottleneck – network speed. It’s bad enough to have an internet connection affected by either distance or the number of users in the neighborhood also online, but then having to suffer slower speeds because of a spouse and kids really takes the cake.

Amped Wireless understands your strains and has new solutions to maintain happy households. Amped Wireless, a manufacturer of wireless products, has just unveiled its latest family of Wi-Fi products. This new additions feature up to four times the Wi-Fi range and speed.

AMPED WIRELESS RTA30The RTA30 AC1900 Wi-Fi Router is high-power everything: antennas, radios, and amplifiers.

It’s any wonder why they say this router would be perfect for any business or home. The amplifiers alone boost the wireless power output to 20 times that of standard Wi-Fi devices.

Such things like structure walls or passing bodies are likely trivial with this kind of equipment. Office floors can maintain a strong network signals, and users at home can enjoy mobile use out of the house yet still on the property.

If you already have a router setup you’re comfortable with but just need some oomph, Amped Wireless also has the REA33 AC1900 Wi-Fi Range Extender. Both the router and range extender pack multiple ports for wired devices and a USB 3.0 for network file sharing. The inclusive software features the latest in user interface, controls, and parental and wireless security too.

The RTA30 and REA33 will be on display at CES 2014, in Las Vegas, January 7th to 10th. Both products are expected to be available sometime mid-2014.

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