Samsung Launching New NX30 Camera, On Display at CES 2014

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Samsung-LogoEven though the camera technology in smartphones has been improving, they still take a back seat to standalone digital cameras. Sure, smartphone photos are very convenient and can take some amazing shots. But they pale in comparison with respect to the power, versatility, and (especially) zoom.

Samsung has just announced their newest compact system camera. The Samsung NX30 camera boasts easy to use features combined with professional-quality performance. Alongside the launch of the NX30 is the first of the “S” Series lenses.

Samsung NX30 Digital CameraThe big thing that the Samsung NX30 seems to be promising is speed; fast and accurate focusing and shutter speeds. This is a big deal, since one complaint about many digital cameras out there is how slow they are to autofocus and shoot.

Those who are looking for a big or new feature aren’t really going to find it in the NX30, which is more of a cumulation of teeny upgrades over the entire system. Samsung seems to have focused on other areas aside from the megapixels, which is a smart decision.

The eyepiece now tilts at an angle, offering flexibility and options. The viewing screen has a greater range of motion, but it’s also sharper and brighter too. You can record movies with a higher quality, and it appears that the NX30 has more wireless options to make sharing and photo storage easy and seamless.

The NX30 camera controls are robust enough for professional use, yet can switch to automatic modes so even beginners can take great photos. Compared to its predecessor, the NX20, the NX30 rounds out as solid. Although “small” it still has a bit of bulk to it, when compared to other digital cameras with interchangeable lenses.

The Samsung NX30 will be on display at CES 2014, in Las Vegas, January 7th to 10th.

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